Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Learning about HD

This blog is mainly to be a chronicle about my experiences in living at risk for HD, and a place for people to share their thoughts about their own at-risk status.

In the coming months you will come to read in great detail about the ways in which HD affects the lives of individuals and their families.

If you are interested in learning about other aspects of HD, such as basic and medical research, advocacy issues, self-help guidance, and ways to donate towards finding the cure, you can visit the following sites:

An excellent source of daily news about HD is Dave's blog at www.huntingtons.info. This was the first HD blog to appear on the internet. (A special thanks goes to Dave for being the first site to mention my blog.)

One of the most comprehensive sites about HD is at www.hdlighthouse.org.

A good listing of resources for dealing with all aspects of HD is available at the website run by Jean Miller, http://huntingtondisease.tripod.com.

To learn more about advocacy issues, personal testimonies, and research, visit www.hdac.org.

There are four organizations in the U.S. dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for HD. You can visit them at: www.hdsa.org, www.hddrugworks.org, www.hdfoundation.org, and www.highqfoundation.org.

Another very helpful site is at www.stanford.edu/group/hopes.

This list is by no means comprehensive. There are many local organizations and individuals with sites dealing with HD. You can find them by searching www.google.com. I hope to list more sites in the near future.

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